Green Coffee Beans

Green coffee beans are selected based on their quality and potential flavors. Oh, Henry Roasting identifies quality beans and purchases small quantities to test flavors. We purchase larger quantities once a green coffee has been selected.

Roasting Process

Our small batch roasting process allows us to monitor temperature and appearance throughout the roast. Each batch is closely watched and recorded to maintain quality and consistency.

Roasted Coffee Beans

The roasted coffee beans are quickly cooled to prevent further internal roasting. The beans are inspected for uniform color and appearance which indicates an even roast. The beans are quality controlled by comparing to previous roasts and notes.


The roasted coffee beans are then rested. This important step allows the beans to release carbon dioxide which degrade the aromas and flavors. After 24 hours, the coffee beans are packaged in valve equipped coffee bags to allow any residual carbon dioxide out while preventing oxygen in.


Coffee beans should be freshly ground before brewing. Although we provide grinding services, we recommend purchasing a small grinder for at home use. We hope you enjoy your purchase from Oh, Henry Roasting and we welcome your feedback!